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Remarriage after a bitter divorce requires careful consideration

Following a bitter divorce, filled with contention and acrimonious court battles, remarriage might not be high on an Illinois divorcee's list of things to do. Nevertheless, the ways of the heart are mysterious. There is always a chance the next marriage would be the "happy ever after" one. However, a problematic divorce will at least serve the purpose of teaching a few lessons that might provide protection in the future.

Will you lose your Illinois business in a divorce?

Building up a business to be profitable takes a whole lot of hard work. Some married couples in Illinois do this together, and in some cases, one spouse does it all alone while the other refuses to recognize the value of the business -- until there is a divorce filing. Once the disinterested spouse learns the value of that business, he or she might want a part of it. Regardless of the involvement of each spouse in a business, it might be best treated in the same way as auto insurance taken out not because there will be a crash, but for protection if there is an accident.

Divorce is not the only consideration when signing a prenup

Gone are the days when prenuptial agreements were considered to be meant for the famous and the wealthy. More and more members of the millennial generation in Illinois and elsewhere choose to sign marital contracts. Why would that be? Could the fact that divorce was part of the lives of so many millennials as they grew up make them cautious? Even if their own parents stayed together, chances are they all had friends who needed emotional support when their parents went through bitter divorces.

Family law is so much more than divorce

Most people in the Chicago area probably can't think of a time when they ever thought of contacting an attorney. Life isn't thought to be so complicated that legal help is required - facing criminal charges perhaps being the one exception. Consider, however, family law.

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