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Establishing the parentage of a child can make a world of difference to a child, both emotionally and financially.

Not only can the child benefit from knowing the identities of both parents, he or she may gain certain entitlements, including access to child support, Social Security, inheritance rights, health insurance coverage and, if applicable, citizenship.

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How Do You Preserve Your Parenting Rights?

Whether you are a mother who needs her child's biological father to pay child support or a father who wants to assert his role in his child's life, it is important to establish paternity.

Establishing paternity can be contentious, but it is not necessarily difficult. It can be done through a simple court procedure once parenthood of the child is proven.

There are four methods that may be used to prove parenthood in Illinois:

  • Marriage to the primary parent
  • A signed admission of parentage
  • Legal adoption
  • Proof of biological parenthood through DNA testing

Once you have established that you are legally a child's parent, you can pursue visitation rights and influence important decisions that affect the child, including where he or she will live or go to school.

If you wish to legally establish your child's paternity, it is important not to waste time. Waiting can make it more difficult for you to succeed with your claims.

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