Working Closely With You To Resolve Domestic Violence Issues

Spouses may disagree. Parents and children may have problems in their relationships. Under Illinois law, however, physical abuse is not tolerated and can be severely punished.

At The Law Office of Kevin W. Thomas in St. Charles, I bring more than 25 years of legal experience when helping individuals resolve domestic violence matters. I provide compassionate, trusted guidance throughout the legal process to help you move beyond challenging domestic violence issues.

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What Happened In Your Case?

The specific circumstances of your case will dictate the best legal strategy for your needs. I take the time to understand the issues you are facing, allowing me to effectively represent you through a variety of situations, including:

  • Spousal assault/battery
  • Child assault, battery or molestation
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional abuse
  • Threats of violence

Using my experience, I work to protect the lives and safeties of adults and children who are being abused or facing the threat of abuse, as well as adults who are falsely accused of being abusers.

Do You Need A Restraining Order?

Before any abused person can effectively assess his or her options for divorce, child custody or temporary or permanent family support, that person must get the violence to stop. As your lawyer, I can assist you in obtaining a restraining order to prohibit your abuser from coming near you or contacting you.

I can also use any evidence of abuse to protect your interests in a subsequent out-of-court negotiation or in a divorce trial.

What If I Am Falsely Accused?

A spouse may falsely accuse you of abuse out of spite or in an attempt to improve his or her bargaining position in a divorce proceeding. If this happens to you, I can help you repel the false claim using the evidence specific to your situation.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

Evidence of physical or emotional abuse can play a significant role in any divorce trial, as well as in subsequent determinations of child custody, visitation schedules and even asset distribution. This means it is important that you defend your legal rights and personal interests.

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