Trusted Guidance For Silver Divorces

It is becoming increasingly common for couples over the age of 50 to file for divorce. This is also known as a silver divorce or a gray divorce. Because older couples have often acquired a significant number of assets, resolving these divorces can be a complex affair that requires the guidance of a skilled family lawyer.

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How Do The Courts Divide Marital Assets?

Illinois is an equitable distribution state. This means that the courts will divide marital assets debts between both spouses in a manner that is equitable. It is important to note that an equitable split does not necessarily equate to a 50-50 split.

During the asset distribution phase, it is important to ensure all marital assets are identified and accurately valued. This helps to ensure you receive a fair division of assets during divorce proceedings.

As a skilled attorney who has resolved divorces for more than 25 years, I have an extensive understanding of how the courts should conduct this process. I will work to advocate for you and reach a division of assets that addresses your needs.

What Happens To The Investments?

Assets in a 401(k), pension plan and other employer-sponsored retirement plans are often the single largest asset that a couple has. When factoring in real estate, jewelry or money in an IRA, the division of a couple's investments is a critical phase of the divorce process.

Any investments acquired or appreciated in value during the marriage are typically marital property. I focus on fostering a collaborative approach so that spouses can come together amicably to divide invested assets fairly while limiting any unforeseen taxes and fees that can arise. However, if your spouse is unwilling to negotiate, I will fight to defend your interests in court.

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