Helping You Achieve Fair Property Division In Divorce

Divorce may be one of the most emotionally and financially challenging experiences you will ever face. Whether you have children or not, decisions about dividing assets and debts can come when you are least equipped to handle them.

At The Law Office of Kevin W. Thomas, I have successfully represented clients who needed legal help with dividing property during divorce proceedings for more than 25 years. Let me help you get past the difficult present and on to a brighter future.

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What Will Become Of Your Assets?

Because Illinois is an equitable division state, any assets you acquired jointly during your marriage must be divided "equitably" upon your separation or divorce.

Homes, vehicles, important possessions and even debts your spouse ran up during your marriage can be assigned in any way a divorce judge decides, so long as each party receives an equitable share.

It is tempting for people to take their spouse to court in an attempt to maximize the assets received. However, in almost all cases, spouses are better off dividing their assets through a negotiated or mediated settlement.

As an experienced divorce attorney, I will negotiate with the other side to help you keep the assets that are most important to you. This can save you and your divorcing spouse significant amounts of money, time and grief. This approach will also help limit the damage to your relationship, which can be especially important if you share custody of a child.

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