Providing Trusted Guidance Throughout Divorce Proceedings For Over 25 Years

When approaching a divorce, no one knows exactly what you are going through now. Every divorce, even one you want, has its highly personal side, known only to you. If you allow me to represent you, I am going to personally handle your case from the very beginning until the end. You will not be dealing with a paralegal or a first-year associate attorney.

At The Law Office of Kevin W. Thomas, I have effectively resolved hundreds of divorce cases. I have the legal understanding needed to help each client identify and address his or her unique problems and opportunities.

For a free initial consultation with me, call 630-485-8012. My firm serves clients in the Tri-City area and surrounding parts of Illinois. Evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience

What Type Of Divorce Makes The Most Sense For You?

Divorce cases vary greatly in complexity and degree of conflict. They include:

  • Contested divorce: When property division, parenting time and spousal support issues are involved, I can provide strong representation both in and out of court. My experience in mediation can prove valuable when negotiating with your spouse.
  • Uncontested divorce: When divorcing couples have simple asset situations, lack children or are able to settle their differences, an uncontested divorce is possible. My law firm can help you find a divorce agreement that works for you and your spouse.
  • Complicated divorce: Many divorcing couples have complex finances. I have the financial knowledge necessary to help you divide your assets and resolve any custody and support issues.

Using Negotiation To Help Accomplish Your Goals

I strive to help my clients keep their assets, retain custody and visitation rights of their children and obtain spousal maintenance or child support. I want my clients to emerge from their divorces in better positions than when they started.

To that end, I urge my clients to resolve their differences through out-of-court settlements when possible. This approach can save significant amounts of time, energy and money for everyone involved.

I am an experienced mediator who will listen intently to your concerns and advocate for them. However, while using mediation or negotiation isn't always easy, it may very well lessen tensions between you and your spouse. This will help ensure that your divorce is handled in a manner that you, your ex-spouse and your children will be comfortable with long into the future.

Is Domestic Violence An Issue In Your Divorce?

If negotiation is not possible such as in a situation involving child abuse or spousal abuse, I am able to represent your interests in court to achieve the judgment you desire.

If your divorce involves past or potential violence against you, I can also file an order of protection to protect you and your family from harm.

Free Consultation Available In St. Charles

While divorce can present significant personal trials, you should not have to worry about the legal aspects of the process. To discuss your particular situation, call my office at 630-485-8012 or contact me online for a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney.