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St. Charles Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Fighters Who Know When to Negotiate | Geneva Negotiated Divorce Attorney

Many attorneys advertise themselves as "fighters."

They will fight for your rights. They will fight for your assets. They will fight for you to keep your children. They will fight to get you the financial support you and your family deserve.

While it is true that Illinois lawyers are obliged to zealously advocate for their clients and their clients' interests, the fact remains that most family disputes involving divorce, child custody, spousal support and other important issues, are successfully resolved through some sort of negotiation.

I am Kevin W. Thomas, an experienced St. Charles, Illinois attorney. I am experienced in conflict resolution, and I strive to help my clients reach settlements that work for them. For a free consultation with an experienced Illinois mediation lawyer, contact me online or by calling 630-485-8012.

Finding the Middle Ground in Family Law Disputes | St. Charles Divorce Mediation Attorney

The benefits of negotiation are obvious. Court battles can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, and can leave both sides with deep emotional and financial wounds. In divorce cases involving children, it is likely that each parent will be required to interact with the other in the future.

Put simply, "going for the throat" in a divorce trial can come back to bite you and your children, down the road.

Maintaining Control in Illinois Divorce, Child Custody and Spousal Support

Perhaps the best argument for negotiation, however, is that it preserves personal control over a chaotic situation. While it may be emotionally satisfying to take someone to court, the reality is that you are handing over your fate to a judge who may see things differently than you do.

It is quite possible that both sides can finish a court proceeding with less money, less energy, and far less satisfaction than if they had negotiated their differences from the start.

My law firm, The Law Office of Kevin W. Thomas, employs negotiation, mediation and collaborative techniques to get my clients the resolutions they need, while preserving family relationships when possible.

Fighting When Necessary; Negotiating When Possible

And of course, when necessary, I will advocate your cause to the fullest extent of the law in a court proceeding. I will fight when necessary, but negotiate when possible.

For more information about my negotiation-based legal services, contact me online or by calling 630-485-8012.

Kevin W. Thomas: A Family Attorney Who Understands Your Needs

Divorce FAQ


How long will my divorce process take?


You can be divorced in as little as three weeks if there are no children involved and everything has been agreed upon by the parties. If children are involved, the parents must first complete a court mandated parenting education class regarding divorce and its effects on children....


Upon graduating from the John Marshall Law School in 1994, Kevin W. Thomas began his legal career as a lawyer with the Legal Aid Bureau in Chicago assisting low income families with family law matters. He has extensive experience...

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